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In America’s Best House Plans featured home plan 7327-00003, a Craftsman built home, comfort, functionality and design are highlighted. The Craftsman style home was iconic in American architectural design and enjoyed its height of popularity in the early 1900’s. The Craftsman home is considered a work of art in its design and function, with a distinctive style that is easily recognizable by almost anyone.

Craftsman homes are enjoying a revival of sorts, with homeowners either restoring older homes or replicating the design features when building a new home. You too can enjoy this distinctive home style which has its roots as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution in England. Seeking to lift the “craftsman” once again from the degradation of human labor and mass production, the Craftsman movement gave due to the hand-made over the mass-produced. Additionally, the Arts and Crafts movement was in reaction to the overly done aesthetics of the Victorian era with its attention to beauty and simplicity. Not only was this change apparent in style and taste but there was a distinctive shift from upper class home design to the emerging middle class.

A Craftsman home is typically one story tall with a low, sloping roof; although, many also had attics and dormers. It usually has wide eaves atop a deep porch and often has distinctive square or tapered pillars with stone along the base. The low pitched roof often frames a protective front porch which invites the outdoors to become a distinct additional living space. The Craftsman home favors clean lines, natural materials and muted colors and these all add to the attraction of landscaping as an extension of these ideas. The beauty and character of this home is well suited to outdoor living and places special emphasis on incorporating the outdoor living space as an extension of this home’s design and comfort. The use of soft landscape materials ~ the vegetative materials used to improve a landscape by design and hard landscape materials ~ the construction materials used will give you, the homeowner, a heightened sense of pride every time you drive up to your home.

One of the most distinctive features, in home plan 7327-00003, is the side porch. As you step from the front porch into the home, the spaciousness of the living areas is immediately apparent. An additional design feature is the side porch tucked right off the main living area which offers supplementary living space. The home features 1,735 square feet with three bedrooms and two and a half baths. The master suite is located downstairs and is truly luxurious in its design and functionality while the additional bedrooms, bath and den or office space are located upstairs. The den or office space upstairs would be an ideal spot for either the entire family to gather at night or it could function as a teenage retreat, multi -media space, with its open design. This home plan incorporates all the features a modern, busy family crave while offering unparalleled functionality, comfort and design.

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