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Drywall Stock Window

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Building a new home as an owner builder can be a great way to fulfill your dreams.  But it can be an intimidating process.  There are some simple items that can really make construction easier if you know about them.  These are tricks that professional builders have used over the years to speed up their schedule and save money.  Today we will share with you the drywall stock window.

Drywall Stock Window

Drywall in New Homes

When building a new home, there will be thousands of square feet of wall and ceiling area to finish.  In fact, drywall makes up the largest finished area to be completed in a new home.  And one of the methods professional builders use to speed up the process is to use larger pieces of drywall board to minimize joints.  Some of the good things that come out of using larger pieces of drywall board include…

  • Quality – We improve the overall look of the finished product. Drywall seams are visible if you look hard enough…so the fewer we have the better the walls and ceilings look.
  • Schedule – We decrease the time required to finish the drywall.  The fewer the seams, the fewer joints to tape and coat.
  • Labor Cost – As we decrease our finishing time, we lower our labor costs.


What is a Drywall Stock Window?

So the big challenge when using larger pieces of drywall board is the transport.  How do you get these longer pieces of board into a home without damaging the board or the new home?  In addition to protecting the board and the home, we want to keep the job site safe.  Carrying large, heavy pieces of drywall up stairs can be dangerous for the workers.

We combat these problems by using a boom truck to lift the drywall up to a second floor window (confirm with your drywall supplier that they have a boom truck).  By booming the material up to the window, workers can easily slide the board through the opening and eliminate the arduous task of carrying it up the stairs, piece by piece.

Here’s where the drywall stock window comes in.  Sheets of drywall board for homes are typically 48 inches wide.  Therefore, we need an opening on the second floor with a minimum vertical clear opening of 48 inches. The drywall stock window is designed to come apart to allow the drywall to be boomed through.  Talk to your window supplier to make sure one of the front elevation windows is setup as a stock window.

You will also want to discuss this window with your window installer.  You will want the unit to be installed as close to the construction driveway as possible.  If you decide not to use a window that comes apart, you can have your installer leave this window out until drywall is stocked (see photo above).  However this can create a few problems…

  • Weather – You will need to temporarily cover the opening to keep the weather out.
  • Theft/Damage – The actual window will need to be protected from theft and damage until it is installed.
  • Delays – If you want to proceed with exterior cladding installation, your contractor will need to return later to finish the area around this window.

Location of Drywall Stock Window

The drywall stock window should be accessible from the front of the home.  Why?  Because the boom truck needs to get to it…and if it’s muddy or snowing the day of the drywall board delivery, or if your final grade hasn’t been done yet, it can be really difficult to navigate an extremely heavy, large truck.  So the drywall stock window should be located on the front of the home as close to the construction driveway as possible.

Small tricks like the drywall stock window can really save time, money and headaches for the owner builder.

Michael Luckado

Michael Luckado has built, remodeled, and repaired thousands of homes across the U.S. He co-founded to help people save money and time creating their dream home.

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