Characteristics of Traditional Ranch House Plans

ranch house plansRanch house plans are some of the most popular in the United States. Noted for their long profiles and minimal decorations, the ranch house plans at America’s Best House Plans attract families who want convenient, comfortable living.

Common Features of Traditional Ranch House Plans

Ranch house plans are known for their:

  • Single story design
  • Simple and rustic interiors
  • Long, low rooflines
  •  Hip, side-gabled or cross-gabled roofs
  • Asymmetrical shaped design, often in a rectangle, U-shaped or L-shaped design
  • Large overhanging eaves
  • Simple open floor plans
  • Exteriors made from glass, brick, wood and stucco
  • Attached garages
  • Vaulted ceilings often punctuated by exposed beams
  • Sliding glass doors that open to a deck or patio
  • Large windows

Variations on Traditional Ranch House Plans

Some ranch house plans feature two stories. Also known commonly as “split level” homes, these houses are often built into a hill and do not appear to be two stories from the street.

Revival of Traditional Ranch House Plans

Traditional ranch house plans are seeing a resurgence in the United States. More and more new homebuilders are choosing the style for its informal design and easy living. The open floor plans of traditional ranch house plans are ideal for families, and many homebuilders appreciate the blank slate created by the lack of ornamentation. The easy access to outdoor spaces makes traditional ranch house plans ideal for people who love to entertain and relax outside, and the attached garages that are common in the house plans offer incredible convenience. Single story ranch homes offer easy accessibility, and the interior rooms are often filled with natural light thanks to the many windows.

Ranch style homes are also relatively easy to modify. Homebuilders often use ranch house plans as a basic foundation, then add elements to create their dream home. They may expand the size of the attached garage, add another spare bedroom or increase the size of outdoor living space. The simple design of ranch house plans makes creating these changes easy!


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