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Architectural Details That Rock

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Building your dream home can be a once in a lifetime experience.  So, you might as well put some thought into the design and create some really outstanding architectural details.  From art niches to curved walls, here are some inexpensive ways to add interest to an otherwise ordinary space. 


One way to add interest to a hallway is to use arches.  By framing down the entrance to the hall in a partial circle, you create a very low cost architectural detail that has been around for ages. 

The rough carpenter will need to spend a little extra time framing the archway to get the arc just right.  The framed header will also need to provide a solid backing for the drywall contractor to properly secure the flexible corner bead.  Be sure to hold your framing contractor accountable if the arch is crooked and make sure it gets fixed prior to drywall. 

Another way to add interest to the archways is to add arched doors to match.  Looking to the left side of the photo above you see an entry door with the same arch as the hallway next to it.

Curved Walls

Adding a curve to a wall can also make a nice architectural detail for your new home.  Looking at the photo below, we see a kitchen soffit that has been used to define the kitchen workspace.  By simply curving the outside face of the soffit, a nice architectural detail is created.  Crown molding was added to accentuate the movement in the wall.  As with the archways above, the curved wall can be added for just a little extra expense.  There will be some extra time for the rough carpenter, drywall contractor, and trim carpenter to get it just right.