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As you consider the realities of building a new house, consider also the ways in which recent advancements and building trends have made building an environmentally friendly, efficient house a reality for many more families. These Green House Plans are often designed more efficiently in terms of square footage, call for the efficient use of materials, and utilize energy more efficiently following the completion of the building process. Here are several of the commonalities of these Green House Plans:

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  • Significant long-terms savings. Green House Plans typically result in significant long term savings related to water, heating and cooling, and gas and/or electricity. They are designed with the goal of using fewer resources over time.
  • Efficient use of space. Many Green House Plans provide for the efficient use of space. Typically, they contain open floor plans, space saving features, and design ingenuities to conserve the use of building materials.
  • High quality, modern designs. Though architecturally, Green House Plans range the gambit in terms of style, this collection of high quality designs represents a modern sensibility.

Search through our Green House Plan collection to find the right plan for your family. Our environmentally friendly plans provide for long-term efficiency.