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Traditional house plans possess all the quaint character and charm of the past with all the amenities and conveniences of the future. These homes do not specifically fit into a particular style or passion of home but clearly contain characteristics of older homes that may include columns, pillars, gables and overhead dormers. Typically, every seven to ten years, there is a shift in design aspects within the home design/building industry and each is labelled accordingly and with great fanfare; however, Traditional house plans are a mainstay of Americana and continue to captivate and charm homeowners. Purist at heart, these homeowners are seeking homes highlighted with symmetry, aesthetically pleasing balance and clean lines with a devotion for ease and comfort in their immediate surroundings. While not describing a particular style, Traditional house plans are easily recognizable and possess understated elegance that is easily noticeable and timeless.

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The majority of Traditional house plans are two storied with covered entries, whether a grand porch or more modest alcove, little to no exterior ornamentation, balanced/symmetrical window sets and perhaps, a gable or two. Oftentimes, these homes closely resemble Country, Farmhouse or Craftsman designs on their exterior facades but the traditional Ranch plan has been a mainstay of American homeowners for decades as well. With their chameleon-like ability to adapt and change, these house plans are well-suited to any number of property settings; in-town/urban lots, suburbia/established neighborhoods or wide open spaces in rural America. The interior of these homes tend to focus on traditional floor plans with the more formal rooms situated at the front of the home. They may include wide, comfortable hallways, large, welcoming kitchens where family and friends can gather in comfort and; oftentimes, all the bedrooms are located on the top floor but a great many of the newer house plans will definitely incorporate some “openness” to their footprint.

Some of the key characteristics of Traditional house plans are:

  • Front porches
  • Formal living and dining rooms
  • Functional floor plans
  • Gabled roofs
  • Dormers
  • Columns
  • Symmetrical window placement
  • Little to no ornamentation
  • Covered entries
  • Simple rooflines

One and Two Storied Homes

Traditional house plans are found throughout the United States and are one of the most popular built home designs coming in all sizes, shapes and square footage. These homes appeal to all ages, income brackets and lifestyles from young professionals, small families, large multi-blended families and empty nesters. An iconic type of house plan, Traditional house designs, capture the essence and spirit of the American lifestyle. They can be built as a one or two storied home, with or without a basement foundation and their floorplans are functional and versatile. They incorporate a mixture of unique architectural styles and features from the many different periods of American history and can be small, simply built designs or they can be built on a grander scale with luxurious design features. Practical efficiency is the key to the functionality of these homes and they offer good design principles and a peaceful sense of living well on both the exterior and interior of the home as evidenced by our comprehensive collection of beautiful, Traditional house plans with photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Traditional and Open Floor Plans

With their understated elegance and vague sense of home style, Traditional house plans, can be difficult to categorize; however, these classic home designs dot the landscape of America and can typically be identified by viewing their interior footprint. Usually, these homes feature the more formal rooms at the front of the house; a living and/or dining room add grace and grandeur to these home designs and feature a great approach to entertaining or celebrating special family occasions. Oftentimes, these homes feature classic rooms of bygone eras; a music conservatory, a library, study or a formal office with wood paneling and a grand fireplace. The more modern lifestyle will perhaps, incorporate a formal living and/or dining room and then also feature open common rooms at the rear of the home for private family use. Regardless of the scale and number of interior rooms, Traditional house plans will, most often, blend vaulted ceilings, well-laid out floor plans and fabulous window views into the home’s interior. Along with these interior features, the homes may also contain expansion space with the inclusion of lofts, bonus rooms and basements, either a cellar or walk-out basement. As is the case with modern families and lifestyles, most homeowners can benefit from some type of expansion space to be used now or as build-out space later as their family grows or their needs change and these varied rooms and spaces certainly “fit the bill.”

Outdoor Space

As with many homes built today, outdoor space is a precious commodity and offers value, peace of mind and health benefits beyond the obvious. Front and rear covered porches, decks and open patios are found on the outdoor spaces of Traditional house plans and homeowners can expand their entertaining and family time in a relaxing and beautiful setting. This premium real estate offers pleasing aesthetics, architectural interest and functionality opportunities that easily blend and add shape to the home and the outdoor setting can be configured to represent the best match for the appeal of the design style the home reflects.

Square Foot Ranges

Because this home design is so comprehensive and inclusive of a wide variety of home styles, the square footage ranges for our collection of Traditional house plans vary between 188 square feet, at the smallest, up to the largest, at 11,110 square feet, with a common range of 2,200 square feet.


This innovative and complete collection of high quality Traditional house plans can be viewed by searching our website for the home that best suits your family and lifestyle. These nostalgic and highly structured designs have been favored in America for centuries and feature inventive floor plans, classic exteriors and a sense of unparalleled comfort and style.