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Mountain House Plans - what’s the allure; the home building experience, the beauty of the design materials, the idea of completing a personal home build? Who can say what attracts “us” to these homes and their inherent lifestyle; perhaps, all of it. Small town living is often synonymous with Mountain House Plans with its honest and meaningful lifestyle choices. Do you long to leave the city, the hustle and bustle and the constant movement for a cleaner; oftentimes, safer way of life where mowed grass, fragrant flowers and the melodious sounds of nature fill your senses?

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As humans in the ever evolving 21st century, I suppose we long for beautiful places highlighted by nature where lakes, fresh air and an endless array of four seasons are ours to enjoy. These areas are perfect for hiking, fishing, hunting and simply enjoying whatever “Mother Nature” has to offer. That ability to lay your head down on your pillow at night and effortlessly fall asleep with no need of white noise or your phone set to the “sounds of nature” to lull you to sleep, that’s peace. In this hectic day and age, living close to nature is how we may choose to live and raise our kids with a sense of purpose and calm. So, if you’re dreaming of a beautiful mountain setting, Mountain House Plans can provide you and your family with a relaxing and magical setting to grow, breathe and enjoy life.

As you ponder the design of your dream Mountain home, you will need to consider extreme weather conditions, difficult and sloping topography; perhaps, even problematic site access and America’s Best House Plans can assist you with a myriad of choices for those challenging and complex issues. Whether this mountain house will be your primary residence, a property designed for rental income, or a vacation house, our collection of Mountain House Plans provides an endless array of options from which to choose to complement any lifestyle.


Our Mountain House Plans feature distinguished floor plans that include Lodge style homes, Cabins and Craftsman inspired homes with exposed beams and trusses, honey hued rough hewn logs, exposed rafters and a myriad of rustic and/or contemporary design elements. These homes also feature appealing wood and stonework, expansive rear window views and massive amounts of outdoor space in which to relax and entertain. Rugged design materials and visionary construction principles make these homes appealing to all homeowners.

While not a true architectural style, these homes; nevertheless, conjure an image of centuries old America and a sense of history. To appeal to the historical nature of these plans; oftentimes, Mountain House Plans are true Ranch style homes featuring one story of well-blended accommodations for families. A variation of this may be Mountain Ranch plans with a lower level terrace for casual and creative living that can include large centrally located recreation rooms, game rooms, an exercise room, a home office and perhaps, additional bedrooms and baths.

A walkout basement is ideal for multi-generational living as it provides separate and private entrances for different family members, if an in-law or teen-age suite is desired. This private space also allows for the use of plenty of outdoor space that may mirror the main floor’s outdoor living space; either way, it’s a great alternative for extended families as well as difficult and/or sloping lots. For ease of movement and comfort, these designs can incorporate a residential elevator into the floor plan easily.


Most Mountain House Plans feature rustic materials and are designed for mountainous or rugged terrain with the ability to also be built on hillsides. They are a beautiful complement to the surrounding nature and usually incorporate some type of local and/or natural design materials. Large open floor plans, interior beams and logs, panoramic window views and large outdoor space are the norm. Expansive views, fresh air and sunshine are nature’s calling cards and as you design your mountain home, you too, can capitalize on your sense of adventure, personal style and love of eclectic and natural furnishings, both on the interior and exterior of the home. America’s Best House Plans provides an exciting array of Mountain House Plans featuring a variety of design options that may include organic materials such as wood, stone and brick that can be easily incorporated into these home builds, along with porches of all types; wraparound, rear view porches and front covered porches.

An extensive use of fireplaces, both on the interior and exterior add charm and coziness to the home while, at the same time, a secondary source of heat, that can be a welcome relief in some climates. Enhancing your entertainment space with multiple fireplaces is an excellent approach to bringing family and friends together whether celebrating special occasions or hosting a Saturday evening cook-out.


Our Mountain House Plan collection includes floor plans of all sizes; small bungalow-type plans, along with larger mountain chalet-type plans, and everything in between. These plans vary in square footage from approximately 550 cozy square feet to a luxurious 10,000 plus square feet. While the plans range in size and shape, a large portion are built on basement foundations to accommodate the terrain and many boast of thoughtful design choices in order to preserve the rustic and cozy feel of these homes. Beautifully designed kitchens, combined living and dining areas, soaring ceiling heights and luxurious bedrooms and baths can be found in any size Mountain House Plan so no matter the size or style, our collection offers homeowner’s peace of mind, intended solitude, a place to relax and an intentional lifestyle.


Leisurely scroll through our varied collection of Mountain House Plans for that special one that speaks to you and the life you want to cultivate; one where your well-being and mental health are at a premium. Life can be difficult but also wonderful and meaningful; living somewhere that offers inspiration can definitely give you something to look forward to daily.