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You’ve discovered your passion for lakefront living and are eagerly viewing house plans for this unique and exciting lifestyle. America’s Best House Plans has compiled an impressive and extensive collection of Lake House Plans and strives to be your guide to waterfront property living. We have hundreds of Lake House designs that express and capture this particular lifestyle choice which so many people find exciting and are ready to explore due to their passion for waterfront living.

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Waterfront living provides a quiet refuge, a peaceful existence and a unique setting for you and your family. This type of lifestyle lends itself well to the peace and quiet of nature as opposed to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our collection of Lake House Plans with pictures feature a wide range of innovative designs ideal for entertaining or family recreation. Oftentimes, these homes feature exterior elements consisting of large amounts of outdoor living space; wide window views, decks, porches and verandahs are included to maximize views and drench the home in sunlight while adapting indoor/outdoor living space to the lifestyle you are seeking. Capturing the recreational benefits of waterfront living, this house plan collection is highlighted with different architectural styles, ranging from casual cottages to elaborate floor plans/amenities that are suitable for a permanent residence or ideal for a vacation home. Whatever your needs, we are confident we can fulfill your dreams of lakefront living with our collection as there are several features that are commonly found in these homes.



Lake House Plans typically provide: Large picture windows towards the rear of the house - Whether one, two, or three stories, Lake Front House Plans offer the opportunity to take advantage of breathtaking views, close proximity to nature and offer natural buffers to the wildlife setting just outside your back porch. Porches - Most all of our Lake Front House Plans provide some type of porch, whether it is a back deck, front porch, wraparound porch, or multi-level porch. This feature encourages homeowners and visitors to spend as much time as possible outdoors enjoying the scenery and soaking up the natural benefits associated with waterfront living. A range of sizes and styles - Within this collection of high quality house plans is a wide range of architectural styles and square footages. No matter what you are looking for in a Lake Front House, this collection offers a unique level of variety from which to choose.



Although, the majority of people purchase lakefront property with the express intention of enjoying this unique lifestyle and all it has to offer, another expectation may be privacy. Enjoying a safe haven, within a private environment, homeowners are free to escape from their daily routines and responsibilities in a serene and tranquil setting. Outlining your expectations when building your home on lakefront property is a key consideration and a balancing act between setting priorities and investing wisely in amenities and features your house design includes.



America’s Best House Plans offers a compelling variation of styles, size and floor plans conducive to the way in which you plan on using your home. Will the home be a permanent residence or weekend/summer getaway, will there be lots of family and friends visiting, do you have a young family with many children or are your children teenagers or perhaps grown and away at college? Are you seeking an active lifestyle or a more relaxing atmosphere; casual family living or a more traditional home suitable for formal occasions? Would you prefer an open layout with easy access to the outdoors where decks and porches are natural extensions of the home or a more traditional home with delineations between interior rooms and the outdoor spaces? The answers to these questions can determine and assist you in selecting the best house design for your family’s use.


Lakefront properties have unique characteristics that need to be taken into account when planning for your new home build. We offer an excellent variety of Lake House designs with walkout and daylight basements that can turn a challenging piece of property into an asset while making the most of expandable space for family entertaining, multi-purpose usage or adding additional bedrooms and baths to the home. Challenging property lots can readily be designed to take full advantage of lifestyle choices and most certainly elevate your standard of living and, as always, our house plans are able to be modified to suit your needs.


Whether you have a narrow lot to build on or you just want a more affordable home option, we offer a large selection of Lake House plans with suitable narrow lot dimensions. Narrow house plans provide creative designs to maximize space without compromising functionality or versatility. Great space and money savers, our inventory of Lake House plans with narrow lots use space efficiently and offer savings on wise architectural elements. Another way in which creative solutions can be found when the need to build up rather than out is sought can be answered with the addition of lofts. Lake House plans with lofts feature innovative design choices when faced with the prospect of limited amounts of space due to property restrictions. Lofts are designed to utilize every square inch of space within the home and can be creatively constructed to offer you more space, more versatility and more bang for your buck.


You’re only a few clicks away from locating that Lake House Plan you’ve been dreaming of with the cool night breezes, soothing sounds of water, and a peaceful level of calm. Please sort through this varied collection of house plans to find the Lake Front House Plan of your dreams.