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As one of America's Best House Plans most popular search categories, Craftsman House Plans incorporate a variety of details and features in their design options for maximum flexibility when selecting this beloved home style for your dream plan. Ideally, you will picture a house in which your family enjoys spacious open living spaces, expansive porches and accompanying outdoor areas along with the simplicity and natural materials associated with Craftsman homes. The American Craftsman style developed in answer to the decline of the fussy and oftentimes, overly decorative Victorian era and in response to the Industrial Revolution.

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Quality over quantity drove the Arts and Crafts movement as a direct response to the cold, mechanized labor of the Industrial Revolution which emphasized mass production over the beautifully aesthetic hand-made craftsmanship of the Arts and Crafts movement. The British Arts and Crafts movement, established in the 1860’s, has remained a strong influence to its American counterpoint and continues to impact its interior design, landscape design and the lifestyle philosophy that initially began in the last half of the 19th century. Since that time, the American Arts and Crafts movement has appreciated in design value and gone through numerous revivals. The word “Craftsman” has come to represent varying ideas of homes which represent the Arts and Crafts style in terms of its design work, lifestyle and architecture such as bungalows, cottages and farmhouses.

Floor plans with varying square footage

As a lovely reminder of why you may choose this iconic house style, America’s Best House Plans offers a comprehensive and exhaustive selection of different style and floor plan options underneath the umbrella of Craftsman house plans. You may find the aforementioned bungalows, cottages and farmhouse plans within the range of 2,000 – 3,000 square feet of living space with results even topping the 4,000 square foot range. Both the modern and historically pleasing details of the Craftsman house style are featured in our collection and many, if not all, have accompanying photographs which can assist in searching our plans for the design details you most desire. These pictures most often include front and rear exterior images, interior floor plans and outdoor living spaces.

Master on the main level

As the adult population continues to grow and wishes to “age in place,” the need for a main level master suite does as well. This favored floor plan layout provides easy accessibility to the majority of the common rooms of the home without having to navigate stairs. Although, many parents prefer to be on the same level of the home while their children are young, as children age and become teen-agers/young adults, a main level suite affords the homeowners greater privacy. Once children have left home, the second level of the house can be closed off significantly reducing the heating and cooling aspects of the home. Using a broad brush, this matter of time and preference may vary, of course, but the main level master suite certainly seems here to stay and potentially offers a better long term investment.

Basements and bonus rooms

Family size and personal preference often dictate the need for either a basement or some type of bonus space or both. Basements are a nice addition to the family home, especially when there are many family members or entertaining is highly valued. This space can be casually used for entertaining whether the entire family is involved or just older children. The advantages of having a basement foundation and/or bonus space coincide with larger families, multi-generational living and the need for additional storage and general space in the home’s interior. In addition to the practical uses for these expansions space, basements and bonus spaces can increase the property value of the home and effortlessly maximize the use of available land.

Narrow lots

As land and construction costs rise, many homeowners look to build up rather than out. With a narrow lot, many homeowners can fulfill their family and personal needs without sacrificing precious interior square footage. An added bonus to this layout, especially with a narrow lot, is there is no need to give up any portion of the yard space to a larger foundation which, in turn, frees up room for the family garden or play space for the children. Whether building up on a basement foundation or having upstairs flex or bonus space, homeowners benefit by preserving much coveted yard space, adding extra living space or providing casual entertaining space.


Invariably, Craftsman house plans feature porches and usually there is more than just one. Porches can be simple entryway covers, full or partial, sheltered and even screened or glass enclosed. Front covered porches offer a myriad of possibilities and aesthetically tie your home to the remainder of the house and its immediate environment. As a place to greet family and friends or to enjoy your home and outdoor landscape, front porches remain a wonderful investment; they extend the livability of the home, offer health benefits and increase the value of the home. It is rare to find a Craftsman home without a front porch and typically there is additional outdoor space located at the rear of the home. As you form an image in your mind regarding your ideal house plan, browse our extensive collection of Craftsman House Plans which typically provide the following details and features: High quality designs - the architectural designs of our Craftsman House Plans create a high level of curb appeal. The use of natural materials - many of these plans incorporate the use of natural materials, such as wood beams, stonework, and other organic elements. Low pitched roofs - many Craftsman House Plans utilize low-pitched roofs, creating a varied, charming design and oftentimes, overhead window dormers are highlighted. Porches – the overwhelming majority of Craftsman House Plans incorporate a front, and often a back, porch into their designs which may include square, round or tapered columns and stone supports. This additional outdoor living space may also offer overhead exposed rafters and generously proportioned overhanging eaves and window/door casements.