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As you consider the realities inherent in building a house from the ground up, consider the possibility of building an energy efficient house. These types of house provide materials, spaces, and architectural designs that maximize energy usage, saving families significant amounts of money in monthly expenditures. Imagine a house that employs high quality design principles and modern conveniences, one that meets the needs of your family. Our array of energy efficient house plans provides these sought after features coupled with the objective of efficient use of resources.  Many of our energy efficient house plans feature:

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  • Open floor plans.  Energy efficient house plans typically provide a modern style of open floor plan, with the living spaces connected with the kitchen and dining areas, thereby maximizing space available.
  • Energy usage. These house plans are designed to conserve energy usage, including natural gas, water and electricity. Energy efficient house plans employ efficient building techniques and call for the efficient use of materials.
  • Style and size. Energy efficient house plans range the gambit in terms of size and style, as their main objective is to conserve energy usage.

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