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Typically, a Cottage house plan was thought of as a “small” home with the origins of the word coming from England where most cottages were formally found in rural or semi-rural locations; an old-fashioned term which conjures up images of a cozy, picturesque home. The Cottage house plan has, in the past, been thought of in terms of a two story home with lower living space and second floor bedrooms, unlike the bungalow styled homes which were, in the past, mainly one story homes. Oftentimes, these homes were considered to have playful, whimsical and/or storybook exterior features with charming details like elaborate gingerbread trim, window boxes lined with greenery and flowers, arched doorways and some type of outdoor living space.

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Evoking images of Old World charm, they were highlighted with cobblestone, asymmetrical shape and imaginative, mismatched doors, windows and roof lines. Older cottage homes were modest homes often built with a basic square, boxy design featuring an efficient layout designed to maximize the space on the interior of the home highlighting comfortable family living. A wide variety of building materials were used to construct the homes including brick and wood framing for a simple construction home.


Modern Cottage Homes

No longer strictly associated as rural dwellings, today’s Cottage house designs are multi-faceted, modern and extremely varied in style and construction. Quite often, today’s Cottage homes are fashioned as a summer or secondary residence, ideal for waterfront or mountain living. Holidays and special occasions spent with family and friends can be enjoyed pursuing outdoor adventures and water activities; swimming, boating, fishing and hiking are common past times when the home is located near the beach, a lake or in the mountains. These “vacation” type homes are still thought of as relatively small and unpretentious; however, this is certainly not always the case depending on what the homeowner desires. Weekend or summer getaways hold great charm and appeal for those with high stress occupations as a way to “wind” down and relax; an added benefit for homeowners may be to rent their secondary property as a source of income when they, themselves, are not occupying the home or to grant permission for family and friend’s usage of the home.


Environmentally functional

In today’s home building industry, the term cottage may be used to describe an endless variety of home construction types; however, their function, versatility and practical application are not in question. Cottages are a delightful way to connect with the environment; to slow down, enjoy the ubiquitous outdoor space associated with these plans, whether reading a book, watching the sun set and/or enjoying outdoor adventures. However, not all cottages are created equal; while those used more often as vacation homes are modest and possibly may offer minimal creature comforts, some Cottage house plans are quite large and luxurious with all the conveniences and amenities of larger homes. There are wealthy and exclusive gated communities where the rich and famous build grand and elegant Cottage styled homes whether as vacation homes or permanent residences.


Individual Style

Today’s Cottage house plans are characterized by their individuality, size and style and offer a wide range of amenities and conveniences that appeal to the full spectrum of homeowners. They can be traditional and classic, display country flair or feature fanciful and lighthearted exterior detailing as well as some type of outdoor space and versatile interior floor plans. Large or small, most Cottage plans feature irregular shape and sizes, architecturally pleasing design elements and organic, natural detailing which combine to create a one-of-a-kind home that is comfortable and inviting. Both space and design are incorporated into the home through the use of innovative and timeless charm and character resulting in a home worthy of consideration.

Does the thought of a welcoming cottage represent your ideal lifestyle? If so, whether a vacation home or primary residence, a Cottage house plan from our collection can meet your needs. Our beautifully designed Cottage house plans offer lots of desirable features, which vary from plan to plan. Features may include:


Charming exteriors

- Our cottage house plans feature lovely, detailed exteriors.


Front (and back) porches

- Many of our cottage plans provide large, expansive front porches on which homeowners can sit and enjoy long, summer afternoons. Soul nourishing, these spaces provide a respite from everyday life with the extension of indoor/outdoor space where family and friends can gather to recap the day’s adventures. Additionally, many cottage plans also provide plans for back porches, decks, or other outdoor space.


Open floor plans

- Our cottage plans contain open spaces, which connect the kitchen and dining areas with living spaces. This creates opportunities for entertaining and enjoying time with family and friends.


Lofts and Basements

– Overhead lofts and lower level basement foundations can provide that extra expansion space that is so often needed when dealing with limited property lot space. The incentive to build up instead of out can be found in lower costs, added space and creative solutions for additional square footage. Many of our cottage plans also provide charming features such as pitched, varied roofs, small windows and dormers on the second floor, and stone exterior details without losing the essence of Cottage house plans; nourishing, heartwarming and appealing homes seemingly designed with “heaven on earth” in mind. Search our plans by size and popularity to find your ideal cottage.